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a prestressed granite footbridge is:

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Long term performance

With granite being so dense and resistant a Prestressed granite pedestrian bridge lasts extremely long, which makes it a truly sustainable way of building a pedestrian bridge.

Short Production and Installation periods

In addition to their long life span a prestressed granite bridge is desirable due to short production and installation periods. The complete structure is prefabricated in the factory and is tested with the specified load. At the construction site Kusser Graniteworks USA installs the pedestrian bridge superstructure within a few hours.

turn-key solution for prefab bridges up to 66'

Prestressed granite footbridges are supplied as a turn-key solution from one source, including all required static calculations, complete production and installation. Optional corings, attachments and hardware are possible. At present single slab prestressed granite footbridges are prefabricate up to a length of 66'.

A prestressed granite pedestrian bridge is low maintenance.