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  • Traditional stonemasons craftsmanship and high-technology machinery, which makes the machining of pieces up to more than 10 m long possible, create ideal conditions for the production of high-quality natural stonework.

  • The Kusser granite works do not only have large production capacities but are also specialised in producing custom made objects in granite and natural stone.

  • Constructive cooperation with architects and clients is just as natural for us as the highest quality of materials and workmanship of natural stonework.

  • For almost 100 years we have been training stonemasons, who often finish their training with excellent results. Some stonemasons at Kusser granite works in the meantime exercise not only the craftsmanship of the stonemason but also have completed further education qualifying them to run high-tech CAM machines. Together with a suitably specialised stonemason, Kusser engineers find a solution even for the most demanding natural stonework.

  • Since we continually strive for good price-performance ratios, we can still produce all natural stonework at our own works in Germany.

  • Our stone masonry and engineering expertise and our technical processing capabilities give you a wide scope for the realisation of your ideas and wishes in granite or other high quality natural stone.

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