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ball fountain & floating objects

  • Spheres and object of many tons weight float with minimal water pressure weightlessly on ultra-thin films of water.
  • Even children can move a huge Ball Fountain or Floating object easily and safely.
  • Ball fountains and floating objects are safe and have an unlimited lifespan as play equipment.

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  • Floating spheres and objects from Kusser Granitwerke float weightlessly on air or water due to simple, basic physical principles and very precise stone processing, even if they weigh up to 20 or 30 tons. Using machinery specially developed for the purpose, in 1986 Kusser Granitwerke was worldwide the first to make a ball fountain of such precision that the granite sphere revolves calmly and freely steerable on its stone base with minimal water pressure.

  • A special feature of the Kusser ball fountain is that hydraulically controlled the sphere keeps changing its direction of rotation. Thus its surface remains uniformly wet and shiny.

  • Heavy objects several tons in weight and stacked one on top of the other can also be turned in the horizontal or vertical direction on ultra-thin films of water. The individual parts of these water features are so exactly matched to each other that minimal water pressure is sufficient, for example, to lift the Floating sphere and the Floating discs below it by tenths of a millimetre and support them hydraulically. Wear-free movement is generated between the Floating spheres and the Floating discs, which together with the durability of granite is the reason for their unlimited life.

  • Tumbling objects function in a similar way to floating discs. However, contrary to a Floating disc, a Tumbling object not rotates about a point, but the point around which the object rotates can be moved additionally within a defined range. The Tumbling object is thus an ideal piece of equipmentfor children to play with, as it reacts to the body movement of the child.

  • As the gap between the floating sphere and the stone base is only a fraction of a millimetre and the sphere fountain is designed in such a way that there is no possibility of the sphere being rolled off its base, a ball fountain is also safe for children. The same applies to Floating and Tumbling objects.

  • Highest precision and execution quality distinguish not only the workmanship of the natural stonework but also the water technology of a sphere fountain. Both a Ball fountain and Floating objects can be installed quickly and easily world-wide, as they are prefabricated, tested and at works and can be shipped together with ready fitted plant and equipment.

  • The perfection of the sphere, its silky smooth surface which glides effortlessly under the hand when you touch it, the sound of water and the reflection of light on the sphere fountain produce an unforgettable experience. Experience it yourself!

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